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Running and fitness: As a qualified fitness instructor and England Athletics Run Leader, I have a special interest in running, health and fitness. I have written for Ultra Fit magazine, Athletics Weekly, Slimming, British Runner, Great North Run magazine, The Coach, and Practical Parenting. I also write health and fitness articles for Martini Blanc and Bubba Mama, two online magazines based in Singapore.

Business magazines: I have written and edited magazines for Quantum Business Media, now Metropolis.

img046Epilepsy Professional magazine: I launched and edited Epilepsy Professional, a magazine for specialists working in the epilepsy field.


I have written news, features and reviews. Below are some examples of my writing.

Absolutely fabulous message in a bottle: A review of the Absolut Art exhibition published in the Yorkshire Post. ‘Is it art or advertising? Liz Champion went to look at an exhibition which blurs the boundaries.


I have written for a number of organisations in the not-for-profit, public and private sectors. This includes NHS hospitals, housing associations, a national charity, energy providers, IT companies and communications agencies. I have written news articles, features, letters, leaflets, website content, annual reports, advertorials, press releases, brochures, blogs and advertising copy. Some examples of my work are available here.

Online writing

I write news, features and reviews for Martini Blanc and Bubba Mama, two online magazines based in Singapore. Please click on the links below to see examples of my work.


Interview with Citira Corrigan, a contestant on the reality TV show Fit for Fashion. Also published in Bubba Mama.

Interview with Citira Corrigan after winning Fit for Fashion


Preparing for your first race Taking part in your first race, whatever the distance, is really exciting. Whether you are racing for charity, fun or fitness, there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line and feeling pleased with yourself at a job well done.

Beginners guide to running: part one. Running is one of the best ways to get in shape. It will help you to lose weight, improve your aerobic fitness, and boost your confidence. In the first of a three-part series Liz Champion explains how to get started. In part one we look at why running is good for you and focus on how to overcome the barriers to running.

Beginners guide to running: part two. Once you’ve decided to start training, you’ll need to make sure you have the right kit. You don’t need to spend lots of money on the latest gear, but it is worth investing in a good pair of running shoes and buying clothing that is made of breathable material to keep you dry and comfortable. Liz Champion looks at the key running kit to get you started.

Beginners guide to running: part three. To be published soon.

Could exercise be the secret to a successful relationship? Do couples who train together stay together? In our special Valentine’s feature, we meet a couple whose romance blossomed thanks to a shared interest in exercise and fitness.

Full body workout with ViPR  If you’re looking for a full body workout that improves fitness and builds strength, why not try ViPR training?

News and product updates

Food articles

All about the iron in your diet Eating foods rich in iron may not give you the super strength that it gave Popeye, but it will help you to stay strong, fit and healthy.

JF Times Publication

Champion Running: As a keen runner, I blog about training, racing and fitness. I also tweet about running from @championrunning.

Cosy Corner Book Blog: To share my passion and love of books, I write book news, reviews and recommendations.

My book review of Catherine O’Flynn’s What Was Lost was published in The Book Corner.

Recent projects have included:

JF Times logoWriting copy for JF Times, a copywriting, design and communications agency.

Applehaigh Management Company: The company required writing and proofreading services.

Owerstile Ltd: The company required editing and proofreading services.

Writing copy for Foodoorama, a health magazine. Article: All about the iron in your diet, published 18th Feb 2015.

Lisa’s Mobile Beauty: Writing newsletters and marketing materials for a mobile beauty business.

Website development: I’ve been working with a local artist, setting up an online platform to showcase her work.



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